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Prices analysis: Cash-for-Goods sites vs eBay

Mark King, writing in today’s Observer does a great piece of analysis comparing the prices that you can achieve on going to Cash-for-Goods websites, such as buymylaptop and Mazuma with the price you can get on eBay.

He covers four areas of goods which are commonly sold through these mail-in opportunities and picks a commonly sold item to compare prices with eBay.

The results underline that eBay is a market for second-hand goods without peer.
As a market with over 17m regular buyers in the UK, it is the largest e-commerce provider, and that size means more people bidding for your item — which is what is drives the price up.

In DVDs/Games/Cds, offers as low as 10% of the eBay price are being being made to sellers. For example, the DVD set of the last season of Lost was selling for £22-24 on eBay whilst being priced at as little as £1.65 by one of the sites. The picture isn’t much better in the Mobile Phone nor in the Laptop category where offers were just 30-50% of eBay prices when checked on the most commonly used trade-in websites

The piece highlights the advice from the Trading Standards Institute (TSI): always check feedback on the provider and send your goods registered post as some sites are claiming items arrive damaged or even not at all. But all this adds to the hassle on top of disappointing prices.

Stuff U Sell prices on eBay won't leave you disappointed

So how do you avoid disappointment and hassle?

Despite the poor prices, many people are using these services because they offer increased convenience over organising the sale directly on eBay, which is where we fit in. Stuff U Sell offers eBay prices but without any of the hassle. We can collect directly from you, taking everything from DVDs to furniture and even fitted kitchens. And then we do the work for you. We store the items in our secure and insured warehouse, take professional quality photographs and prepare the eBay listings. We deal with all the buyer enquiries and use our experience to ensure payment is received safely and promptly. You don’t need to go to the post office: as we take care of the packing and shipping, as well as any large items which need to be collected.

We’ll handle anything which can be sold on eBay, and we’re happy to do some research for you to see what prices you are likely to achieve and you’ll see how much better than the cash-for-goods websites!

We work on commission, so we are as strongly incentivised as you are to get the highest possible price. Give us a call today — free on 0800 046 1100 — email us – or fill in our contact form to sell your unwanted items.

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