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In conversation with James Max on LBC

James Max is one of London’s best known business experts. Veteran of The Apprentice and a regular presenter on LBC’s Business Matters – the Property and Finance show, he’s got an experienced insider’s view on business and the economy. You can read his blog about today’s show and you can listen again by subscribing to LBC’s podcast service

James Max

We were invited on his show to help answer listeners’ comments and questions about setting up their online businesses. David Brackin, one of our Directors was joined by Christian Robinson from the wonderful Firebox, who had some great advice about Christmas gifts, and told us about the latest craze for the Slanket!

There are many ideas for online businesses and it is important when considering them to ensure that yours will have a market — when we set up Stuff U Sell, over five years ago now, we trialled the service with friends & family and spread by word of mouth. Pretty soon we were overwhelmed by work, and could talk to lots of customers to improve our product. It’s important to take this step before investing a lot of money.

One of the great things about starting-up online is that no-one need know that you are a small company. We now have a large warehouse in Park Royal, but in the first few months we didn’t have such grand premises! The important thing is to present yourself well online and give excellent customer service — then people will keep coming back for more. Stuff U Sell has developed a reputation for excellent photographs and descriptions which results in our getting higher prices for items we sell online — so much so that you can often get more even after our commission that you would selling it yourself.

Finally, in the online world, it is important to use all the existing companies out there to help you focus on the things that you’re really good at. We use eBay because it is the largest online marketplace in the UK. Did you know that with over 17.7m users each month, it is used by more people than watch The X-Factor on average!

We’re always happy to help new (or existing) businesses expand their marketplace by helping them to sell on eBay. It is an additional channel which can really help boost sales whether you have an online shop or a traditional bricks and mortar store. Give us a call on 0800 046 1100.

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