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Gadget Show coverage

We love the Gadget Show – you don’t get to sell things on eBay full-time without liking computers, cameras and all that goes with them – and we see a lot of very nice kit that our customers consign to us to sell. So we were delighted when they asked if they could come over and film in the warehouse. They were absolutely lovely, and are always welcome back!

Broadcast on Monday night, they did a great piece on how to get money for your old tech items. In true Gadget Show style it was a Top Five and at Number One was selling your stuff on eBay using our service.

The eBay market place is big: 17 million users in the UK and sells a huge volume of stuff. As a marketplace it has developed at different rates for different categories, but one of the busiest and best developed is for consumer electronics — iPods, BlackBerrys, laptops, cameras, and all manner of neat little toys…

The Gadget Show recommended using our service to sell your stuff — emphasising the ease of using our service. You’ll be far too busy playing with your new tech to sell it yourself, and the better prices we get will mean that net of commission, you’ll probably get a better deal.

We do all of the work – researching the item, taking photos, answering buyer questions, processing payment and shipping the item. All you have to do is cash the cheque (and if you have a bank transfer you don’t even need to do that!)

If you missed it, then you can watch it on Channel 5’s website. Linky here. We would recommend watching the whole show, but if you want to skip to see us then it’s from 30:51 to 31:33

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