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Get tidy with The Clutter Clinic

People often get in touch with us when they are spring-cleaning to help sell their unwanted items, and one of the things that soon becomes clear is that we could all do with a little help in organising our homes and lives.

Through one of our clients, we came across Romaine Lowery, owner of The Clutter Clinic who is just the person to call when you need a helping hand.

Romaine Lowery

Romaine is an expert in taking a cluttered, stressful environment and through thoughtful use of innovative storage solutions, organisation, and a ruthless approach to the unused and unusable. Whether it is a bulging wardrobe, messy kids, or a house move which is causing the problem, Romaine can come in and find the solution.

Having worked with her now for several clients, we can wholeheartedly recommend her work as a thorough and professional organiser.

You can read more about her top tips for being tidy in her article in the Daily Mail

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