Why You Should Sell On eBay

In the last episode of Dragon’s Den, Cash-for-Goods website Zapper happily explained to the Dragons that they would pay about £40 to a seller for a pile of goods worth about £250. They then sell these goods on to make their profit. We’ve written before about how you can achieve much higher prices for your […]

Sweet Charity

Every week, our warehouse shelves get filled with bags and bags of items that aren’t quite right to sell on eBay, but which still have some value. Many of our clients don’t want these things back to clutter up their homes, so they ask us to donate them to charity. Most Fridays, Oxfam come to […]

Our Suggestions For A Truly Modern Pentathlon

Any time we’ve managed to successfully complete any of these activities, we’ve felt like we deserved a medal: 1. Deciphering Texts Written By Teenagers. 2. Winning an item on eBay with limited budget and only 4 minutes to auction close. 3. Quickest recovery of an entire mobile phone address book using only BBM/ Facebook. 4. […]

10 Ways To Make Money From The London Olympics

We’re very glad to hear that hosting the London Olympics has cost us £476m less than everyone thought it might. It’s still cost nearly £9bn, we’re told, so we got to thinking about how some of the promised knock-on effect of a boost to the economy could be earned by humble tax payers like ourselves. […]

Out With The Old

The sudden change in temperature has sent us to the backs of wardrobes and up into the loft, swapping winter clothes for shorts and flipflops and electric blankets for electric fans. While you’re swapping winter paraphernalia for summer lightweights, have you come across things you’d forgotten you even had? Now’s a perfect time to declutter. […]

StuffUSell Helps Oxfam Launch First Ever Online Weddings Auction

As we approach the anniversary of the Royal Wedding, Oxfam has asked StuffUSell to help launch a fantastic online weddings auction, offering future brides and grooms the chance to bid on exclusive items for a fraction of the normal retail price. Oxfam’s online wedding auction, supported by leading bridal blog Love My Dress, will run […]

As The New iPad Is Released, What Is Your iPad 2 Now Worth?

At the beginning of March last year we were writing about how the iPad 2 would have a big impact on the market for used iPads. Now that the new iPad is here (or should that be the iPad 3?) what should you do with the old one? Where’s Best To Sell: eBay The most […]

Do Something Different

What will you be doing on 29th February? It’s a Wednesday. Don’t just go to work, come home, eat one of the six dinners you rotate for week nights (we all do it) and wince your way through One Born Every Minute. NO! We’ve been inspired by Radio 4’s Leap for PM campaign which asks […]

How To Unwrap Your Christmas Presents

Am I taking the joy out of the festive season for you? I’m sorry. But it’s not so Bah Humbug when it comes round to next Christmas or the one after that, and you’re upgrading your hardware, your kids have grown out of their expensive toys, and you’re keen to make some money back on […]

Are you an eBay Hoarderholic?

The Institute of Psychiatry claims that compulsive hoarding is mental illness that affects upto 5% of the UK population. Is there really such a disease?
Jasmine Harman, presenter of Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun certainly thinks so, and in a BBC 1 documentary tonight, My Hoarder Mum and Me, explores the psychology behind her Mum’s obsessive collection of possessions, a habit which has filled her home and made some aspects of normal living impossible.