How to be more organised

We often work with people when they are decluttering, and we know what a great relief it is to see the stuff that has been in the way for years to disappear. One of the best known professional declutterers is Romaine Lowery with whom we have worked many times, and we’re delighted to see that […]

Why You Should Sell On eBay

In the last episode of Dragon’s Den, Cash-for-Goods website Zapper happily explained to the Dragons that they would pay about £40 to a seller for a pile of goods worth about £250. They then sell these goods on to make their profit. We’ve written before about how you can achieve much higher prices for your […]

Sweet Charity

Every week, our warehouse shelves get filled with bags and bags of items that aren’t quite right to sell on eBay, but which still have some value. Many of our clients don’t want these things back to clutter up their homes, so they ask us to donate them to charity. Most Fridays, Oxfam come to […]

Month’s tweets – October 2012

@bodanerius @StuffUSell We're not good enough at drawing to attempt to add to it! in reply to bodanerius # RT @Minervity: The Epic Failed Predictions For The End Of The World [Infographic] – # 50 All Time Best Celeb Hallowe'en Costumes: # @apdouk @handbags4hosps sounds like a great scheme. The average British woman […]

Having A Clear Out – Should You Sell Or Store?

It’s the time of year when many of us are inspired to have a really good clear out. Perhaps your son or daughter has just gone off to university, or you’re emptying the guest bedroom in time for Christmas. May be it’s just easier to get rid of some of the baby toys now the […]

Do Men And Women Shop Differently Online?

We recently wrote a blog about how much UK women spend on fashion and jewellery that they never wear. Quite a few of our Twitter followers and Facebook Fans asked us if there were any statistics to show what men spend their money on, so we’ve been digging about for cold, hard facts, and come […]

Month’s tweets – September 2012

@crispywispy1 I will get someone to look into it straight away and get back to you. in reply to crispywispy1 # Are you going to @macmillancancer coffee morning today? Do your bit – go on. Or simply donate. # @clutterexpert You should see our garage today. After a massive clearout yesterday have found lost […]

Month’s tweets – August 2012

@vinharris @wompkin @TwopTwips We thank you. Happy Friday. in reply to vinharris # @wompkin @TwopTwips @vinharris Think we'd suggest eBay as an ever so slightly safer way to get a buzz and clear clutter at the same time. in reply to wompkin # Facing a big tidy up as the kids go back to school? […]

Is Your Old Kitchen Too Good To Put In The Skip?

Often when you move house you just wish the sellers hadn’t tried to achieve a top price by doing up the kitchen and bathroom before putting it on the market. They may have made it all new and bright with integrated appliances and sparkly tiles but once you move in you decide to knock out […]

Our Suggestions For A Truly Modern Pentathlon

Any time we’ve managed to successfully complete any of these activities, we’ve felt like we deserved a medal: 1. Deciphering Texts Written By Teenagers. 2. Winning an item on eBay with limited budget and only 4 minutes to auction close. 3. Quickest recovery of an entire mobile phone address book using only BBM/ Facebook. 4. […]